The Messenger Teases New Content, Will Be Revealed at Kinda Funny Games Showcase

New content for The Messenger will feature the Phobekin and Barma Thazël. More info will be revealed during the Kinda Funny Games Showcase this Saturday.

Today, we got a subtle tease for what’s to come from Sabotage Studio’s platformer The Messenger.

In a tweet from the official The Messenger profile, four still images of were shown. The first shows two islands; the one in the background seems to be the island where the main game took place while the second in the foreground looks more tropical as indicated by the beach and palm trees. Oh, there’s also a volcano, which wasn’t present in the original game.

The rest of the images depict the Phobekin — a creature from The Messenger that has a specific phobia but just so happens to appear in the very place they fear — having a nice picnic on the beach. Then Barma Thazël, the servant of the Demon King, interrupts their nice meal and seemingly takes the Phobekin hostage.

The tweet itself implores to watch the Kinda Funny Games Showcase. Here is the full tweet:

Here’s my take. The two islands share the same shape. I think this will be new DLC for The Messenger that may reuse previous levels with a new coat of paint. You’ll reprise your role as the titular character to save the Phobekin and stop  Barma Thazël once and for all. Again, that’s just what I think.

The Messenger, by Sabotage Studio, released for the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam in late August. In my review of the game, I said, “The Messenger is not just a brilliant love letter to the 8-bit and 16-bit games that inspired it. It’s proof that even in a market saturated with retro-style platformers, there are still clever ways to approach the genre.”Last month, a new update was implemented to The Messenger bringing New Game+ and a load of other quality of life features to the game.

The Kinda Funny Games Showcase — the stream where The Messenger‘s new content will be revealed — will occur on December 8, 2018, at 10 am PST. Over 60 games will be featured, with nearly half a dozen releasing during the stream. Sega, Devolver Digital, Bithell Games, and Drinkbox Studios are just a few publishers and developers showing things off.

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