Metal Gear Arcade Trailer

Metal Gear Arcade Trailer

width="334"When you think of arcade games, usually fighting games and 4-player beat em ups are what come to mind. I remember Street Fighter 2 machines, and Sunset Riders as well as Final Fight and Metal Slug. However, when I think of Online multiplayer shooters, I think of Modern Warfare 2, Counter Strike, and Battlefield. I guess the Japanese would much rather play these in the arcade, because we have the trailer of just that.

Metal Gear Online was the multiplayer that was bundled with Metal Gear Solid 4, and I don’t recall this being too popular, but I guess it was popular enough in Japan to get a re release as an arcade game as well. The arcade cabinet looks like it boasts surround sound as well as 3-D.


I don’t know enough about Japanese culture to say anything without sounding ignorant, but I can say, I don’t fathom that this would ever become something popular in America. Trailer is available after the jump.

Via [VG247]