Metal Gear Movie Director Talks Important Characters and the Fourth Wall

Metal Gear Movie Director Talks Important Characters and the Fourth Wall

Jordan Vogt-Roberts' Kong: Skull Island is releasing in theaters this week, but it's clear he's got another major franchise on his mind. He wonders, "Is Cyborg Ninja in this movie or not?"

Metal Gear Solid movie director and director of the upcoming Kong: Skull Island Jordan Vogt-Roberts has been talking a little more about what he feels should go into the prospective Metal Gear movie.

In an interview with IGN, Vogt-Roberts spoke a little about what characters are most important to him, as well as who he feels should be included in a MGS film adaptation.

“I mean, I’m a big Sniper Wolf fan and when we were sitting down to think about the script at a certain point it was like, ‘is Cyborg Ninja in this movie or not?’ and the part of me that was a little kid was like, ‘there’s no world in which I’m ever going to make a Metal Gear movie that Cyborg Ninja is not going to be in.’ It’s really easy to be like, ‘it’s a good character to save for the second one,’ but no, no, no.”

Vogt-Roberts later went on to talk about the potential of breaking the fourth wall in the Metal Gear Solid movie. As an element quite popular from the video game installments of the Metal Gear series, it may be something many fans of the series expect to see. Vogt-Roberts believes there’s room for it, but that other aspects rank as higher priorities.

“I actually do think that considering breaking the fourth wall is an important part of potentially what that movie would be. Finding a way to do that in an interesting way. I think things like Deadpool have actually shown that you can play with that conceit these days.

“To me, the fourth wall breaking is a little less important than the walking philosophies and ideologies those characters represent, and getting that right and the tone right and things like that. If breaking the fourth wall makes sense, I’m all for it, [but] I’m more interested in the ‘Kojima conversations’ about whatever song came out then or whatever – it’s that stuff that it just absolutely needs.”

As a huge fan of the series, Vogt-Roberts has stated and restated that this is a film he wants to do right.

“If you make a Metal Gear movie it needs to be […] completely committed to one tone but then goofy the next moment, and then stylized and bizarre but then beautiful and reflective, and just that whole spectrum of things that is Kojima’s voice.”

If you’re looking for further proof of Vogt-Roberts’ dedication to the Metal Gear franchise, you need only see the name of a boat from Kong: Skull Island. As a little Easter Egg, he named it Gray Fox.

It also seems that Hideo Kojima has recently noted high praise for Vogt-Roberts, going as far as to take to Twitter to announce him as a “genius.”

It remains unknown what stage of production the Metal Gear Solid movie is in, or when it will release.