Metal Gear Online’s New Sabotage Mode Detailed Prior to Cloaked In Silence Release

Metal Gear Online’s New Sabotage Mode Detailed Prior to Cloaked In Silence Release

A new game mode named Sabotage will be coming to all Metal Gear Online players this March when Cloaked In Silence releases.

This is an objective game mode in which an attacking team must destroy or fulton an enemy Missile before time runs out. All the defending team needs to do is ensure the safety of their missile until the end of the round. An electromagnetic barrier protects the Missile from most damage and all fulton attempts. To shut down this EM barrier the attacking team must hack two separate terminals on the map. Once done, the defending team can take back control of the terminal  or just defend the Missile from attacks.

Even with the EM barrier up it is still possible to damage the Missile. However, your attack strength is significantly reduced. Once the EM barrier is down, an attacking player can attempt to fulton the Missile, though like with any other fulton attempt, the defending team can destroy the fulton balloon. As the Missile takes on more damage, it will shorten the amount of time given to destroy a fulton balloon.

It’s clear that in SABOTAGE, a team member’s assigned role is very important. Whether attackers choose to deplete Missile defenses, attempt a fulton recovery, or disable the EM Barrier and at what numbers determines a winning strategy. Defenders likewise need to balance Terminal and Missile defense both in watching for attacks dead ahead and fulton balloons in the sky.

While we still have no date for Cloaked In Silence’s launch, we do know it will be bringing in four new maps, Quiet as a playable character, and new appeal actions sometime in March 2016.