Metal Gear Rising Confirmed for Sony Conference at E3

Metal Gear Rising Confirmed for Sony Conference at E3


While I was busy booking video interview time for E3 this past week, I stumbled on some interesting developments regarding Hideo Kojima and the E3 conference. You see, I originally called in to book interview time with the legendary developer upon his upcoming visit to New York City on June 12th before the conference. I then asked about  reserving possible interview time in L.A. during the week of the conference, I was then told this as a reply:


“Mr. Kojima is on a very tight schedule, and will not be doing ANY interviews. He will be going to E3 and appearing at the conference for the 1st party publishers and that’s it. I don’t even think he’ll make it to our [Konami] own conference. Afterwards, he starts a world tour for Peace Walker”

In case you missed the significance here, the key word is “publishers”, as in plural. What other reason would Kojima need to appear at the Sony Conference after Peace Walker is already on store shelves? Simple. To start promoting Metal Gear Rising for the PS3 as well. Now, don’t be surprised when Jack Tretton announces Kojima onto the stage during next months show. You have been warned.