Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Rumored

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Rumored



After the recent Sly Cooper, God of War, Prince of Persia and Team ICO HD collection releases, the MGS series seemed like an obvious choice. Rumors have been swirling about every popular PS2 series getting the HD treatment since the first collection was announced but it looks like we finally have something official sounding for the Metal Gear series.

British publication Playstation Official Magazine UK reports that “inside whispers” say the first three games in the series are “in the facelift queue.” I think it’s safe to assume this refers to an inevitable HD release to put on your shelf next to MGS4. This will also mark the first PS3 HD rerelease of a PS1 game with the first Metal Gear Solid title.

As someone who’s never played much MGS (I know, I know. Shut up) this really interests me. I’ll definitely be picking up a copy.

What HD releases do you want to see?