Metal Gear Solid Movie Director Reveals How He Got the Job After He Was Told ‘No’

Metal Gear Solid Movie Director Reveals How He Got the Job After He Was Told ‘No’

Now I really want to know what a Metal Gear Bible would look like and where I can get one.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts has made no secret of his appreciation for the Metal Gear Solid franchise to fans of the series, and apparently to Hollywood executives as well. Recently, we learned more about how his passion brought him the role of Director for one of the most anticipated and feared game-to-film adaptations.

In a recent interview with IGN at San Diego Comic Con 2017, Jordan Vogt-Roberts details some of the intricacies behind-the-scenes of the movie-making industry. He explains that he sort of stumbled onto the Metal Gear Solid movie adaptation and was promptly turned away.

“There was a Metal Gear book on an executive’s desk and I was like, ‘I want to do that, you have that?’ and they said ‘you can’t do that.'”

Despite that discouragement, Vogt-Roberts explains that he decided to pursue the project by spending three months to create a “bible” on what Metal Gear is, what he believes the underlying problems with video game adaptations are, and how one should go about translating the “active experience” of playing a video game into the “passive experience” of watching a film. But instead of using his work to convince executives that he was the right guy for the job, he told them “I don’t care if you take any of these ideas and do not hire me. All I want in my life is to see a great Metal Gear movie.”

Fortunately, the folks at Sony didn’t just steal Vogt-Roberts ideas. Instead, they decided to hire him for the Director chair. Whoever said that fandom doesn’t get you anywhere in life?

“I can almost guarantee you there is not a single person in this town that knows more about this franchise and that it means more to.”

There is no word on when we might see the Metal Gear Solid come to theaters, but it sounds like the script is still in development. Not so long ago, Vogt-Roberts explained just how important it is to him that the Metal Gear Solid movie be made right.