Metal Gear Solid Movie Director Says a New Draft of the Script is Done and It's "Full Koijima-Quirk"

They're just gonna keep us waiting, huh?

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard any news about the forthcoming Metal Gear Solid movie, but it seems as though the project continues to chug right along in pre-production.

As mentioned today on Twitter, the director of the Metal Gear Solid movie (and cameo character in Death Stranding), Jordan Vogt-Roberts, had a brief update to share on the project. Vogt-Roberts said that a new draft of the film’s script was just finalized and turned in recently. “It’s full Kojima-quirk and full Military surrealism,” he stated of the script. “I won’t say more.” He also shared an image of the script in question with the tweet.

Vogt-Roberts went on to also say that he will be meeting with an actor for the film “very soon.” Assumedly, this would likely be the starring role of the movie, which will surely be that of Solid Snake. Previously, Star Wars actor Oscar Isaac expressed interest in starring in Metal Gear Solid, to which Vogt-Roberts responded by saying, “The ball’s in Oscar’s court.” Perhaps Isaac will end up being in the movie after all.

For now, the Metal Gear Solid movie still doesn’t have a release date, but if Vogt-Roberts is going to be talking to actors about the project soon, it seems like things could start ramping up. Let’s hope that 2020 will see more concrete information about the project finally coming about.

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