Oscar Isaac Wants to Play Snake in the Metal Gear Solid Movie, Director Says “The Ball’s in Oscar’s Court”

Oscar Isaac Wants to Play Snake in the Metal Gear Solid Movie, Director Says “The Ball’s in Oscar’s Court”

The Star Wars actor and Metal Gear Solid film director seem to have a mutual interest in working together on the upcoming project.

We’ve known for awhile now that there is a Metal Gear Solid movie in the works that is being directed by Kong: Skull Island’s Jordan Vogt-Roberts. As of now, the film is still in the pre-production stages with the initial script being said to have been finished last summer. Assuming all continues to go as planned, once the script is finalized the film would enter the next stages which would include casting and putting together the production crew. Ahead of that phase though, one high-profile actor has now thrown his name in the ring as someone who would be interested in playing the role of Snake.

Speaking to IGN during a press event for his upcoming film Triple Frontier, Oscar Isaac, likely best known for his role as Poe Dameron in the new Star Wars trilogy, said he’d be interested in joining the cast of the Metal Gear Solid movie. “Metal Gear Solid, that’s the one. I’m throwing my hat in for that one,” Isaac said to IGN. When asked who he’d like to play in the film, Isaac nonchalantly responded, “Snake, man.”

It didn’t take long for this word to eventually get to director Vogt-Roberts himself, who seems to have already previously entertained the idea of Isaac playing Snake. In a new tweet following this news, Vogt-Roberts shared that last August he messaged artist BossLogic to mock up an image of what Isaac would look like as Snake. BossLogic then created a fake movie poster that features Isaac in the iconic Snake garb from Metal Gear Solid complete with a cigarette tucked behind his ear.

Vogt-Roberts then specified that the casting process for Metal Gear Solid hasn’t even started yet, but he seems more than interested to have Isaac play Snake once they do start looking to fill roles. “The ball’s in Oscar’s court,” said Vogt-Roberts as he ended his tweet. The interest between the two parties seems to be quite mutual and if all goes right, it seems like Isaac could end up being the big screen version of Solid Snake.

So what do you think about this potential casting of Snake? Would you be down for Isaac to play the iconic video game character? I for one think it’d actually be a great fit, but be sure to give me your own thoughts down in the comments.