Metal Gear Solid Rumors Are Rising

on June 12, 2010 1:20 AM

Metal Gear Solid Rumors Are RisingEvery year at E3, one can expect that rumors will be flying and surprises are around every corner. Metal Gear Solid: Risingwould certainly fit the bill. Rumors are flying that the unthinkable has happened, Metal Gear Solid: Rising is a timed exclusive to the Xbox 360 and a release on it’s former parent console would come later.

Also running through the rumor mill is the inclusion of a Director’s Cut that will finally include PS3 trophies being announced at E3. Of course, this is all speculation until it is announced, but the fallout from this if it is true, will be heard all over the world. PS3 fan-boy forums beware, you are about to be flooded.

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