Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game Announced by Konami and IDW Games

In a collaboration between Konami and IDW Games, Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game will adapt the acclaimed stealth-action series to tabletop form.

December 11, 2018

From its iconic soundtrack to stealth gameplay that practically defined the genre, the Metal Gear Solid series has long been one of the defining franchises of the stealth-action genre, and now the series is being brought over to tabletop form in a new collaboration between Konami and IDW Games in Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game.

IDW Games announced in a blog post that the famed tabletop game maker is working with Konami to create Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game, which will adapt the iconic franchise into a miniatures game based on the first Metal Gear Solid game.

Specifically, IDW explained that the game would be “fully cooperative” among players as they take on the roles of Solid Snake, Meryl Silverburgh, Dr. Hal “Otacon” Emmerich, and Gray Fox. Each of the characters for each player will have their own unique skillsets and abilities as they “complete objectives across multiple campaign scenarios.”

Outside of that, the game will also feature “a highly dynamic A.I. system and sandbox gameplay,” and IDW Games also added that the game will allow players to take on missions in a variety of ways and that each encounter will always play out differently.

While there is no specific release date for the game just yet other than a broad timeframe of 2019, IDW Games did detail that Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game will be demoed at E3 2019 and several other events afterward, such as Origins Game Fair, Dice Tower Con, San Diego Comic Con, and Gen Con.

For a closer look at Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game, you can check out the box cover below:

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