Metal Gear Solid Touch and Frogger Explode Onto iPad

By Jon Ireson

April 5, 2010

Today Konami Digital Entertainment has made the world of iPod gamers much happier with the announcement that Metal Gear Solid Touch and Frogger Pad are now available in the App Store for the Apple iPad. Both titles have aspects that will take full advantage of the iPad’s monstrously large screen and multi-touch capabilities. Read on for an idea of what you can expect from these titles, and be sure to consider getting your hands on them soon if you are a new iPad owner looking fora potentially great purchase or two.

In Metal Gear Solid Touch players can expect the look and feel of a familiar MGS outing as many of the settings and elements of MGS 4: Guns of the Patriots are fleshed out in the iPad world. Players will once again assume the role of beloved character Snake in this new mobile Metal Gear Solid adventure. This title will contain all the fixings you have come to expect including taking cover, rapid attacks, and aiming with ease as well as zoom of course! It is also a fast-paced action style game that will pit you against difficult and well equipped enemies. At the price point of $7.99 this title is likely a compelling sight in the iPad App Store.

If you are someone who has never had the joy of playing Frogger before, give your favorite console to charity right now, you are a disgrace to gaming! Just kidding, you should not go and do anything like that but definitely find a way to experience this as soon as possible. The breakdown, for those of us who have played the game in the past, is very simple yet addictive ‘dodge-and-run’ movement that consists of the player (who is a frog) running across a highway and trying to survive without getting splattered across the road! The multi-touch controls have been fully enabled for this game wherein you will be avoiding the classic obstacles such as cars, trucks, crocodile-filled waters, and more. There is no mention of new original levels added to the game, however at the low price of $0.99 and given the replay value of the classic title, it still remains a valid and tempting purchase to pretty much every gamer out there. As an added bonus, players can pick up bonus wallpaper for their iPad unlockable through playing well in the new Frogger Pad game.

For more information check out Touch Konami at the Official Konami Website. To purchase these titles today visit the App Store on your iPad or check it out online here.

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