Metal Gear Solid V PS4 vs Xbox One Detailed Screenshot Comparison and Trailer: PS4 Is the Clear Winner

Metal Gear Solid V PS4 vs Xbox One Detailed Screenshot Comparison and Trailer: PS4 Is the Clear Winner

Director Hideo Kojima promised it yesterday, and he kept his promise. Kojima Productions and Konami just released a new trailer showcasing the differences between the PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.

You can check it out just below and download a high quality version running at 60 FPS here, but fact is that the video doesn’t do a very good job at comparing PS4 against Xbox One. As a matter of fact it tends to avoid it as much as possible, so we decided to provide a better comparison ourselves.


Below you can find a series of frames that put the PS4 and Xbox One versions in a near pixel-perfect comparison switching between one another instead of just showing them side by side or in a disjointed sequence, that doesn’t work very well in showing the differences with due precision.

To see each GIF in its full size and start the animation, please click on them.





It’s very interesting to see here that the PS4 version doesn’t seem to have clouds in any of the sequences. We still don’t know if it’s just because the game has variable weather and the screenshots were taken in different conditions, or they were excluded to reach native 1080p


Update: Hideo Kojima himself just clarified the reason on Twitter (we translated the Japanese version of the tweet that included more details): The PS4 version is the only one with dynamic sky conditions, and that’s why it has no clouds in the trailer and in the previous pictures. The sequences were simply filmed in a moment in which the sky was clear.

In addition, in the PS4 version only the daytime sky is not a static picture. It includes special processing based on atmospheric simulation.

For the picture below we had to use a little trick. The PS4 version of the shot wasn’t showcased in the trailer, but an almost identical picture was provided by Kojima Productions a couple days ago.

Since the trailer we used to capture the new screenshots has a very high bitrate of 10kb/s, it’s almost lossless, and the PS4 screenshots was a slightly lossy JPG. In addition to this we used a frame that was completely still from the trailer from the Xbox One version, minimizing the effect of compression. We can easily call it even for the sake of our comparison.

This is probably the most telling shot as it includes several fine details like the lettering of the sign, the texture of the tent and the metallic fence.


And here’s a detail shot of the sign, positioned so that it matches near perfectly. The difference in definition is evident at first glance, even more than in the previous shots, marking the PS4 version as the clear cut winner between next generation platforms.


You can also enjoy the trailer itself below, and if you want to get a better glance, you can download the full resolution, 60 FPS version.


The original trailer was provided by GameTrailers.