Metal Gear Solid V’s New Trailer’s Mixing Done; In Japan One Scene Will Be Different from Western Version

on August 21, 2015 4:28 AM

We’re all eagerly waiting for the launch trailer created by Hideo Kojima for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and today he shared that the mixing is complete, meaning that the wait is coming close to an end.

In addition to that, we learn an interesting detail:

“In the Japanese version for consoles you can switch between Japanese voices and Japanese subtitles or English subtitles. In relation to the representation of violence, the Japanese version is different from the overseas version in the portrayal of only one scene.”

Japanese regulations are actually stricter than in the west for certain portrayals of violence, so it’s not so surprising that one scene might have been toned down for the local market.

The game is rated CERO D in Japan, which is the equivalent to M for Mature (17+) in the west. Quite evidently Konami wanted to avoid a CERO Z rating (18+), which involves prolonged scenes of intense violence with blood and gore, sexual content or nudity, or very strong profanity.

There’s a solid reason for that, as many Japanese stores don’t keep games rated Z on the shelves, but sell them only over the counter, resulting in a much lower visibility for a game. The fact that only one scene has been changed, means that there aren’t other instances in which the game goes beyond the threshold described above.

In the meanwhile, Kojima-san also showcased the first samples of the Original Soundtrack and Vocal Track CDs.

Incidentally, we’re coming close to Kojima-san’s birthday (on August 24th), so he’s receiving gifts, some of which themes.

Happy birthday, Kojima-san! Don’t worry, we won’t reveal your age. After all, you still look like you’re 30.

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