METAL MAX Xeno’s Launch Trailer Focuses on Characters and Combat

METAL MAX Xeno’s Launch Trailer Focuses on Characters and Combat

Get a glimpse of some of the enormous enemies that JRPG METAL MAX Xeno has in store for players with its gorgeous launch trailer.

With two and a half decades of releases under its belt, the METAL MAX series makes its way to PlayStation 4 in the west with the launch of its latest installment METAL MAX Xeno.

The latest trailer for METAL MAX Xeno opens up with sweeping shots looking out across a devastated post-apocalyptic Tokyo as the ruined city succumbs to the sand dunes. Destroyed buildings, collapsed bridges, and train-wrecks litter the area. From here we see a convoy of heavily armed tanks making its way the Iron Base; humanity’s last hope.

We are then greeted with the cast of characters that players can expect to encounter as they traverse Tokyo’s wreckage. Among them are vengeful hunter Talis, the team’s mechanic Yokky, rebellious punk Dylan,  soldier Maria, and Misaki the medic. Joining this rag-tag crew are survivors Ittica and Toni.

From here on in we get a glimpse of this gorgeous JRPG in action with a display of METAL MAX Xeno’s combat, both on foot and when driving the game’s range of vehicles. The team assembles in a line of customizable tanks to do battle with an array of increasingly bizarre monsters. Rockets fly as they engage smaller insect-like beasts along with massive behemoths including a brachiosaurus encased in a shell made out of a warship, a gargantuan land shark, and a rhinoceros-like creature known as Missile Horn which carries what appears to be an anti-aircraft gun on its back.

METAL MAX Xeno is available now exclusively on PlayStation 4. Find out why we called it a “Solid comeback for a returning series” in our review.