Metal Slug Console Game by SNK Scheduled for 2020 Alongside New Mobile Game (Updated)

SNK is working on a new Metal Slug console game scheduled to launch in 2020. A new mobile game is coming this year as well, and is 80% complete.

June 8, 2020

SNK announced on June 8 it is currently working on two Metal Slug games. (Shoutout to Gatorade for pointing it out). The first one will launch in 2020 on iOS and Android and its development is 80% complete. This Metal Slug mobile game will mix the usual 2D-scroll run and gun gameplay of the series with a “card game” system. It’s unclear how it works, but it’s probably some kind of system where cards give you various abilities. Cards being weapons and characters isn’t out of the equation either seeing this is a mobile game. The cards will probably be pullable via a gacha system. One thing for sure is that it’ll be different from ongoing mobile game Metal Slug Attack, which is more akin to a tower defense game.

Next, SNK is also developing a new Metal Slug game on consoles. It’s also scheduled to launch in 2020. Which consoles it’ll release on wasn’t specified. Perhaps it’ll come to PS5 and Xbox One X? This one is described as the “usual” run and gun gameplay of the series. It’s unclear if it’ll be in 2D like past games, but it’s pretty unlikely in my opinion, and we’ll probably get 3D characters and environments, but with the usual 2D scroll. Moreover, this is probably the same console game that was first mentioned back in April 2019. SNK announced back then a return to hardware with a Neo Geo 2 and even a Neo Geo 3, but we have yet to hear more since then.

Just like in April 2019, SNK again stated that it has plans to launch at least one to two games a year.

SNK also published the new Metal Slug key visual artwork seen above. I wish we had a new SNK Vs Capcom Card Fighters on Switch.

Iyane Agossah

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