Metal Slug Tactics on Steam - Dotemu's Surprise Reveal Trailer at Summer Games Fest

Metal Slug Tactics Revealed at Summer Games Fest

Dotemu is working with SNK to bring back Metal Slug as a Tactical RPG, Metal Slug Tactics was revealed at Summer Game Fest 2021. Here’s the reveal trailer and what we know so far.

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Metal Slug Tactic first details, reveal trailer

Dotemu, Leikir Studio, and SNK will be launching Metal Slug Tactics exclusively on PC via steam.

it’s interesting to note the game is described as a tactical roguelite RPG. Meaning it’s likely the game works with “runs”. In those, once you get a game over, you restart from the beginning, probably with some items or skills carrying over.

Players will unlock new abilities and weapons after each battle, and can also call for reinforcements, including air strikes or the iconic metal slug tank. Allies can also Sync which each other to unleash combo attacks. Elevation is also taken into account in the gameplay.

The game will feature Metal Slug’s iconic protagonists Marco Rossi, Eri Kasamoto, Fio Germi, and Tarma Roving. On the villain’s side, we have the usual dictator parody Donald Morden, who planned a coup d’état against the World Government, and gathered a new army.

The Steam page doesn’t mention any release date estimate for Metal Slug Tactics. You can watch the reveal trailer for Metal Slug Tactics right below:

Dotemu recently published Streets of Rage 4 by Guard Crush and Lizard Cube, which is an incredible sequel, elevating the classic series and surpassing Streets of Rage 2 nearly 30 years later.

In the past, SNK also announced it’s working on two Metal Slug games, one is for mobile, and one for consoles/PC that has yet to be revealed. It’s unclear if that other Metal Slug game was actually Tactics, or a separate project.

SNK is also working on KOF XV, which was recently delayed to early 2022, and with good reason as the game definitely needs some polish. Hopefully, it’ll propose a full package at launch and honor the series. Lastly, in case you’ve forgotten, MiSK, the non-profit foundation of Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, bought 33% of SNK’s shares, becoming the largest shareholders. Moreover, it’s ultimately planning to own 51% of the shares. Personally speaking I’m a bit bummed, to say the least, by that move.

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