Metal Wolf Chaos XD Rerelease Coming From Devolver Digital

Metal Wolf Chaos XD Rerelease Coming From Devolver Digital

Japanese cult-classic Metal Wolf Chaos is getting a global rerelease thanks to Devolver Digital, and it will be called Metal Wolf Chaos XD.

Following a tease earlier in the week, Devolver Digital has confirmed that they will be working on an updated rerelease of cult-classic and insanely patriotic FromSoftware title Metal Wolf Chaos. This updated global release will be coming this year and is entitled Metal Wolf Chaos XD.

The original Metal Wolf Chaos was a mech cult-classic for the Xbox released back in 2004 in Japan only despite having full English (or Engrish) voice acting. You play as 47th President of the United States Michael Wilson, who is betrayed by his painfully evil vice president and nemesis Richard Hawk. Wilson seeks to take America back with the help of his sassy secretary and a giant mecha robot codenamed “Metal Wolf”, and the game explores complex narrative themes like awesome mecha battles, a State of Liberty helicopter-based hostage situation, and white slavery.

Metal Wolf Chaos XD will be the lovechild of Devolver Digital, From Software, and General Arcade and will bring Michael Wilson’s quest to take back America to America…and also the rest of the world later this year. The game will feature updated visuals, refined gameplay, and support for 16:9 4K in this incredibly hard-to-forget journey. You can check out some of the visuals in the latest trailer, as well as screenshots you can check out below.

This bombastic rerelease will be coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC later this year, If you never got the chance to check out the strange journey of Michael Wilson, it will be worth your time to check out when Metal Wolf Chaos XD comes out.