Metanet Co-Founder Raigan Burns Confirms N++ Will be Coming to Steam

on February 7, 2016 12:56 PM

Posting on the N++ NeoGAF thread, Raigan Burns posted that tough platform game was being ported to Steam using a new programmer Metanet brought on about a month ago.

There are still a few more months of work — we want to add all of the planned post-launch-update stuff that got put on hold when our team imploded — but we will definitely be bringing N++ to Steam. We’re still looking at other platforms too.

Raigan also mentions the recent patch for N++ that went up on February 3rd. Apparently in some situations┬áthe “evil ninjas are invisible,” making a few levels impossible. He apologizes for the bug and hopes to have a new patch up in one or two weeks time. N++ is currently only available on the PlayStation 4.

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