Metrico+ Trophies, Now with Platinum and Seven Additional Trophies

on August 13, 2016 4:18 PM

The trophy list for Metrico+ is now out thanks to PSN Profiles. There are eighteen trophies total, broken between a platinum, nine gold, three silver, and five bronze.

Compared to the original release on PlayStation Vita, Metrico+ has seven additional trophies, and a large portion of the list remains the same.

The new trophies include: 100% Hit Rate, Accelerating Speeds, Connecting The Dots, Fast Pacing, High Velocity, Keep Momentum, Midway Discovery, Nimble Movement, Obey, Quick Solutions, and The Right Way.

Trophies not carried over from the Vita version include: Einzelganger, Following the masses, Optimized mind, and Single perspective (due to it requiring the Vita to be turned on its side).

The Efficient Mind trophy has changed from taking place on World 4 to taking place on World 6.

You can find the full trophy list below.


  • Obey: Completed all other trophies.


  • The Right Way: Completed World 4 in one play session without ever walking left.
  • Quick Solutions: Completed World 6 in Speedrun mode in under: 6:30 seconds.
  • Mortality Rate = 0: Completed World 2 in one play session without dying.
  • Minimizing Jumps: Completed World 1 in one play sessions without jumping more than 42 times.
  • Low Casualty Rate: Completed World 3 in one play session while killing less than 18 enemies.
  • Fast Pacing: Completed World 5 in Speedrun mode in under: 3:56 seconds.
  • Efficient Mind: Completed World 6 in one play session without using the restart button.
  • Compulsive Explorer: Found all collectibles.
  • 100% Hit Rate: Completed World 5 in one play session without missing a single shot.


  • Midway Discovery: Found 50% of all collectibles.
  • Keep Momentum: Completed World 3 in Speedrun mode in under: 3:43 seconds.
  • Accelerating Speeds: Completed World 4 in Speedrun mode in under: 4:06 seconds.


  • Observing Details: Found a collectible.
  • Nimble Movement: Completed World 1 in Speedrun mode in under: 2:34 seconds.
  • High Velocity: Completed World 2 in Speedrun mode in under: 2:24 seconds.
  • Getting Into The Mood: Interacted with all forms of input, right at the start of World 1.
  • Connecting The Dots: In World 2, connected all platforms with a line.
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