Metro 2033 DLC Hits Tuesday on XBL and Steam

on July 30, 2010 9:15 PM

Metro 2033 DLC Hits Tuesday on XBL and SteamComing soon to Xbox Live Marketplace and Steam is the Ranger Pack DLC for Metro 2033 which will bring deadlier foes, scarcer ammunitions, and more damage to the game in a new mode. Ranger mode will challenge vets of Metro 2033 to be more efficient with these game-play tweaks and will also add new weaponry to the title. Bust out the Heavy Automatic Shotgun, and Volt Driver to do damage in new ways. New Achievements and GamerScore points will also be available with the DLC installed. Check it out Tuesday August 3rd for 240 Microsoft Points (or for free on Steam where it will be an automatic update)!

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