Metro 2033 Has Gone Gold, Folks

on March 5, 2010 10:46 AM

Metro 2033 Has Gone Gold, Folks

Shooting people in the face has become the new black this generation. With an overabundance of shooters making their rounds in this console era, and basically conquering all other genres out there, it has become the preference most gamers have come to embrace. Joining in the mayhem of shooters is the upcoming combination of RPG, survival horror and FPS elements, Metro 2033. And if you’ve developed a “thing” for this title, then your eyes will probably widen in excitement to know that THQ has announced that Metro 2033 has passed the gold master stage of development and has entered manufacturing. And out comes the Astroglide.

The game, as far as looks, is absolutely stunning. Metro 2033 is powered by a new technology – the 4A Engine – and has already been celebrated for its graphical prowess on both Xbox 360 and PC. That isn’t the sexy part, though. No, no no. You know how there’s this whole 3D thing going around and how it’s steadily penetrating the gaming industry, right? Well, yea, Metro 2033 on the PC – which benefits from Microsoft’s DirectX 11 and NVIDIA’s PhysX implementation – will have the 3D thing going for it, which is powered by NVIDIA 3D Vision. If you have yet to experience 3D gaming, or, for whatever reason, are skeptical about it, just know that it is absolutely astounding. And yes, it does make things look far better than what you see now on TVs.

Metro 2033 hits the US and Germany on March 16th, March 18th in Australia, and March 19th for the rest of the world.

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