Metro Developer’s ‘AAA’ FPS ARKTIKA.1 Launches Today Exclusively on Oculus Rift

Oculus published game from Metro developers 4A Games, ARKTIKA.1, is set to offer a "AAA" experience completely in virtual-reality.

on October 10, 2017 8:50 AM

4A Games’ — the Ukraine and Malta-based developer who has made a name for itself with its atmospheric first-person shooter series, Metro — newest game, ARKTIKA.1,  launches today.

ARKTIKA.1 is notably the studio’s first virtual-reality game, exclusively available on Oculus Rift. According to 4A Games, ARKTIKA.1 is a “highly-immersive, action-packed,” first-person shooter that takes places nearly a century in the future, where the world has fallen into a new ice age in the aftermath of a “silent apocalypse.”

In said world, only the equatorial regions are still habitable, yet pockets of humanity survive in small numbers all over the planet, hanging onto existence in resource-rich territories to the north and south — resources that everyone else wants.

Your job is to protect one of these places, a colony in the wastelands of old Russia, from raiders, marauders, and strange creatures.

ARKTIKA.1 notably uses the newest version of the 4A Engine, and according to 4A Games, boasts the most impressive visuals ever seen in VR, along with the immersion and world-building 4A games are known for, all in a “AAA” package.

ARKTIKA.1 is available for $29.99 USD. Below, you can check out an official launch trailer.

In other 4A Games news, the developer is also currently working on Metro: Exodusa brand-new entry in the acclaimed Metro series that was revealed during this past E3.

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