Metro Exodus Co-Creator Shares Statement Surrounding Epic Games Store Exclusivity

Dmitry Glukhovsky shares his statement on his thoughts surrounding the Steam and Epic Games Store exclusivity situation around Metro Exodus.

The build-up for the release of Metro Exodus just keeps bringing more and more fuel to the fire. Ever since it was announced that 4A Games’ PC version would be heading to the Epic Games Store exclusively for a year things have been rather hectic. Fans weren’t pleased with Koch Media’s decision which sparked review bombings on the previous two titles in the series.

Following that, a developer from 4A Games mentioned the possibility of future Metro games not coming to PC should players boycott the Epic Games Store version. This was cleared up by 4A Games on Twitter.

During the review bombings, the creator of the Metro novels and co-creator of Metro Exodus had posted an Instagram post with a quip regarding the move to the Epic Games Store. In the comments he was defending the move but had also deleted a comment that seemed to be against the move, causing confusion surrounding his thoughts on the matter.

Yesterday, Dmitry Glukhovsky posted a video to his Facebook page offering his statement surrounding the situation with the stores. He mentions that he’s been working for more than 20 years to bring the story to different media, including video games.

He brings up the topic of the Epic Games Store exclusivity by saying “I’m very sorry about those of you who wanted it and expected it to release on Steam and who were misled by the move by the publisher. I understand that the publisher fully and uniquely financed the developer of these games, so I trust them for the correctness of this solution.”

He then goes on to say that they are all “very sorry that you’re hurt. We just hope that you will not betray us, just as we’re staying always faithful to you, bringing the uncompromised story and uncompromised quality of experience.” indicating that the move to the Epic Games Store will not affect the games state.

You’ll be able to watch the video statement above, featuring Dmitry himself against a large window with backlight obscuring the majority of his face. I’m sure there’s artistic reasoning for it, perhaps referencing some of the shots, even the key art, from Metro Exodus. Of course I’m probably just reading too much into that.

Metro Exodus is to release on February 15 for PC through the Epic Games Store, Xbox One, and PS4. In case you missed it last night, we also saw a brand new CGI trailer revealed.

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