New Story Trailer Revealed for Metro Exodus, Shows off More Brutal Combat and Vast Landscapes

New Story Trailer Revealed for Metro Exodus, Shows off More Brutal Combat and Vast Landscapes

The second Metro Exodus reveal of this week shows off some of the story coming to the game.

Yesterday it was announced that 4A Games and Deep Silver would be revealing new details this week over the course of five days for their upcoming first-person shooter Metro Exodus. The first of five reveals landed yesterday and detailed that we’ll be able to take control of a photo mode from day one. This feature will be made available to all platforms with PC users being able to use Nvidia Ansel with support for RTX ray tracing.

Today we’ve had a brand new story trailer land and it is available to view below. It shows off more of the desolate and dangerous world that players will be able to explore as they take control of Artyom who is joined by his band of Spartans across the post-apocalyptic scenes of a ruined Russia.

The trailer features the voice of Anna, a top sniper and the wife of Artyom as she describes the year-long journey into the unknown as they chase Artyom’s belief that there is life outside of the hell they’re in. The trailer shows off some lovely looking cutscenes and a range of interesting characters who will be present in Metro Exodus.

This isn’t the first we’re seeing of Metro Exodus, as last year we saw a gameplay trailer from Gamescom in August which showed off some of the haunting scenery we can expect to see as well as some of the creatures and enemies found in the wild. The noticeable difference there was that the title seems to be more focused on the outside world, whereas Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light was focused underground. 

We also saw another gameplay trailer at E3 2018 which showed off an example of how vast the world is in Metro Exodus, showing the player zip lining, shooting, and exploring across a single-player world in a non-linear setting.

We’re expecting to see another surprise reveal tomorrow, and in addition to this news, Deep Silver and Microsoft has announced that there is an Xbox One X Metro Saga Bundle which contains a 1TB Xbox One X Console with the remastered versions of the original titles Metro 2033 Redux, Metro: Last Light Redux, and it also contains Metro Exodus.

Metro Exodus is set to launch on February 15 for Xbox One, PC, and PS4. It’s also available for pre-orders, so if you’re sold on the news regarding a photo mode and the below story footage you can head to Amazon and pre-order it.

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