Metro Exodus Install Size Revealed Via Microsoft Store

Metro Exodus Install Size Revealed Via Microsoft Store

The Install size for Metro Exodus has been revealed ahead of its release next month via the Microsoft Store

We’re roughly two weeks away until Metro Exodus hits consoles and PC, but you might want to prep your console for the impending hefty download.

Coming in at a healthy 53.45 GB, the download information actually comes to us from the Microsoft store. Though it’s very likely these numbers will be the same across consoles, it wouldn’t be surprising if there may be a difference in the PC version. Especially since the PC version of Metro Exodus requires some high-end specs to run at high settings. So if you don’t own an RTX 2080ti GPU and an i9 9th generation CPU, maybe stick with the console version.

Also, an important factor to consider as well with download sizes: the possibility of day one patches. Time and time again we see these, recently with Fallout 76 almost pushing 100 GB download on launch thanks to a day one patch. However, being Metro Exodus isn’t an online open-world RPG, a gigantic patch of Fallout 76‘s caliber wouldn’t be as likely.

Regardless of whatever system you choose to play this game on, Metro Exodus is looking like a well-polished game. With post-apocalyptic train rides, modifiable weapons, and a beautiful world to experience, you will definitely want to pick this game up and get your single player post-apocalyptic fix.

And if you haven’t already, you can pre-order Metro Exodus for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on Amazon before its release February 15.

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