Metro Exodus Developer Shares Next-Gen Outline in Update

Metro Exodus Developer Shares Next-Gen Outline in Update

Metro Exodus developer 4A Games is sharing an outline of their future plans as they celebrate the 10th anniversary of Metro 2033.

The team at 4A Games has been relatively quiet since dropping the final piece of Metro Exodus DLC earlier this year. However, that doesn’t mean they haven’t been hard at work. Currently, the team is mostly focused on getting their latest title ready to ship on PS5 and Xbox Series X in 2021. That said, today is the 10 Anniversary of Metro 2033, so you know 4A had some juicy news to share.

While still in the early stages, 4A did confirm they are already working on the next game in the Metro series. As you’d probably expect at this stage, details are pretty scarce. The team will continue to push its single-player focus in the form of “bigger and better” stories. However, 4A’s partnership with Saber Interactive also opens the door for something completely new.

As discussed in the post, the team has wanted to include multiplayer before but hasn’t been able to fully commit. With Saber now helping out, they finally have the ability to fully explore new ideas. Again, this is all very early. When the game ships, it might not have multiplayer at all. However, it could be a cool addition to the post-apocalypse.

At the tail end of the post, the team also mentions looking at new IP. As with everything here, details are still being ironed out, but it sounds like you can expect something new from the Metro studio in the future.

Metro Exodus is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The next-gen version is set to release at some time in 2021.