Metro Exodus Physical Copies Will Now Ship With an Epic Key

Metro Exodus Physical Copies Will Now Ship With an Epic Key

With the bombshell news of digital copies of Metro Exodus releasing exclusively on the Epic Store, we now have confirmation of physical copies as well.

Yesterday, Deep Silver announced that the newest entry into the Metro series, Metro Exodus, will be releasing exclusively on the Epic Games Store for digital copies. It was an absolute bombshell that left many fans of the series upset and Steam actually put out a rare statement voicing their frustration. If you had already pre-ordered the game through Steam however, your purchase will still be fulfilled along with any future DLC purchases. Though, there was no word on physical pre-orders until now.

Earlier today on the games official Twitter account, we got confirmation that physical pre-orders will now be coming with an Epic Key. You can see the official statement in the tweet below.

I am not a big PC player, so none of these changes will affect me in any way. In fact, I have had my eye on Metro Exodus for a while now and would like to dive into it once I finish the first two games on Xbox Game Pass. Even though I do believe that Epic trying to grab titles will lead to healthy competition between them and Steam, this last minute bait and switch will leave a bad taste in many peoples mouths.

Metro Exodus launches for PC exclusively through the Epic Store, PS4, and Xbox One on February 15. Those of you who would still like to order the game on consoles can purchase a pre-order right here through Amazon.

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