Metro Exodus Will Require You to Clean and Maintain Your Weapons Across Four Weapon Classes

Metro Exodus Will Require You to Clean and Maintain Your Weapons Across Four Weapon Classes

Metro Exodus' weapons look powerful, but also like they need to be cared for.

Another trailer for Metro Exodus has dropped and this time it focuses on the weapon classes as well as the new customization system that looks…pretty damn customizable. You can watch the trailer embedded below.

Metro Exodus is home to a range of hand-made guns created from scrap across post-apocalyptic Russian. The game will allow players to customize weapons out on the field using a crafting and dismantling system.

The trailer kicks off by showing the handgun class, but there’s something strange about the weapons. It turns out that while you can attach sights, suppressors, and more, you can transform a revolver or even a bastard gun into a deadly medium-ranged rifle or SMG. This is achieved using mods that can change various aspects of your weapon, such as handling, range, and more.

Shotguns are present in the world and can be modified to include double-barrels or even four barrels. However, these are built from scraps, whereas the rifles class have pre-built Kalash and the nicknamed Bulldog rifles that survived the war. These can also be customized to help you to excel in medium-range and long-range combat.

The Valve sniper, Anna’s —the voice we heard in the story trailer— weapon of choice is available too as a rifle class. It is the most powerful rifle in Metro Exodus but also loud.

There are also special weapons that have been specially crafted by survivors of the war and found or gifted to you. You’ll be able to customize these weapons as well, but you’ll also be able to create different types of ammunition from salvaged scrap.

The trailer also details that weapons will now need to be cleaned and maintained. Failure to do so will result in weapons overheating or getting jammed.

We’ll be learning more about these weapons over the coming weeks as 4A Games and Deep Silver plan to release a series of videos detailing the four main weapon classes even more. Expect to see videos showing off weapon combinations and the results of those. On January 23 we should see the first video going live looking at the rifle class.

Metro Exodus is planned for launch on February 15 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. You can check out our preview here, and if you wish to pre-order the title you can do so on Amazon.

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