Metro: Last Light Redux and For the King are Epic Game Store's Latest Free Games

Epic Games Store has revealed its latest free titles, with Metro: Last Light Redux and For the King up for grabs right now.

For users on the Epic Games Store, one of the store’s biggest perks are its ongoing rotation of free games. This time around, the Epic Games Store’s latest free titles will offer a good variety for players to enjoy with a post-apocalyptic shooter and a roguelike strategy game.

The Epic Games Store has revealed its latest free titles that are up for grabs this week. Starting today, Metro: Last Light Redux and For the King are available to pick up free on the storefront for a limited time, until they are out of the rotation in the coming week.

Having played Metro: Last Light Redux myself, if you’re in the mood for an atmospheric shooter with horror elements, then you’ll likely have a good time with it. For the King has also gotten a lot of praise for its unique blend of roguelike and strategy game elements, and since it’s free, it’s likely worth a shot to play.

The Epic Games Store recently hit a big milestone with over 160 million users as of January 2021. Epic Games also noted that the PC games platform had offered 103 free games throughout 2020, which have accumulated over 749 million claims from players. Though EGS is still growing, it’s not hard to see that its weekly free games have been an important part of its growing player base over time.

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