Metro 2033 PC will Support 3D + Advanced DX11 features

February 17, 2010

The upcoming Metro 2033 is one of the most anticipated games on Xbox 360, but it will not disappoint PC gamers this March either!  THQ and NVidia have confirmed that the PC version of Metro 2033 will use the most advanced DirectX11 features yet of any game on PC.  With the confirmation of a unique advanced depth of field function, full tessellation on character models and support of NVidia 3D Vision (for stereoscopic 3D experience), I can say this game looks to be one of the best graphically of its time.

Metro 2033 has the potential to have the best graphics we will ever see before our 2012 conspiracy preachers’ theories out there end up coming true.  That’s right, this game has a link to Armageddon, it takes place in 2033 after the majority of mankind has been wiped out and the remainder scattered underground in sewer-like catacombs.

In the game you are born into the underground generation, who has never seen above ground, and you are awakened to the scope of your destiny by a dramatic event.  You will explore, leaving behind everything you know, through the catacombs and the wastelands above.  As you discover more you will eventually have an impact on the fate of mankind.  For more Info visit the official Metro 2033 Game site.  Release dates: March 18th (PC) March 19th (Xbox 360 & PC Europe).

Check out more screens below:

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