Metroid: Other M Will Include Full Length Movie

Metroid: Other M Will Include Full Length Movie


Just in, the highly anticipated next installment from the renowned Metroid franchise will contain a full length film. This movie will be comprised of cut scenes from the game, as well as pre-recorded game play. The movie will be viewable in the game’s “Theatre Mode”. The inclusion of the film is to broaden the players understanding of the story within the game, as explained in this interview with the creators taken from Famitsu and translated by

The storytelling aspect of Other M continues to play a major role even after you beat the game, the way [Nintendo designer Yoshio] Sakamoto puts it. “There’s a ‘theater mode’ that lets you view all of the cutscenes linked together seamlessly as a single movie,” he explained. “We placed just as much weight on enjoying the story as we did on the action aspects of this game, but it’s hard to fully communicate a storyline in a video game with just one playthrough. At the same time, though, it’s asking a lot of players to beat the game twice to get it all, so that’s where the idea for that mode came from. It lets you make a lot of discoveries, things you missed or dialogue that makes more sense in retrospect. I hope it helps people understand the story better.”

This theater-mode movie is about two hours in length and divided into chapters like a DVD film. It’s not just the movie cutscenes straight from the game, though — there’s some pre-recorded gameplay bits to it as well, although those sections aren’t recorded off your own moves as you beat the game. “I wanted to do that,” Sakamoto said, “but we’re using our own sample play data instead because that’s also a way of giving the player hints — like, you can beat this particular boss this way too, and so forth.”

Anticipating fans are no doubt even more excited about this game now than ever. If you’re the type of gamer who likes to show friends and family cool cut scenes that you’ve unlocked through playing the game, then this new feature is definitely for you. Shown last year, the wait for the game will soon be over when it launches for the Nintendo Wii on August 31st.