Metroid Prime 4 Gets a Brief Teaser for Nintendo Switch at Nintendo Spotlight E3 2017

What a time to be alive! We finally have our first mention of Metroid Prime 4 — albeit it was done in just a small splash announcement at Nintendo Spotlight E3 2017.

Right after announcing that a Pokemon game would be coming to Nintendo Switch, space images and the ominous music so characteristic of Metroid was displayed over the screen. Then, in big words, Metroid Prime 4.

That is all we know so far — beyond this teaser, we don’t have a date or an official confirmation that Retro is the one working on it. However, they did note it was in active development for Nintendo Switch.

The title Metroid Prime 4 isn’t finalized yet, but this will be a new FPS adventure following the “roots of the original Metroid Prime game” with a brand new story in the Metroid Prime universe. The game will not developed by the series veteran developers Retro Studios, but instead by a Nintendo-based team led by Kensuke Tanabe.

The fact sheet currently says that players are TBD — the fact they aren’t putting all of their weight behind single player suggests that they are looking into the possibility of bringing multiplayer back to the Metroid series.

Metroid Prime 4 has been on the shortlist for many gamers — many of whom were massively disappoined with the latest edition, Metroid Prime: Federation Force. While we don’t have a ton of information, check out the announcement trailer below and let your hype for the game start building:

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