Samus Aran Cosplayer Stuns in Fuse Bead Suit at WonderCon

Samus Aran Cosplayer Stuns in Fuse Bead Suit at WonderCon

Metroid cosplay wows at WonderCon weekend with unique crafting.

WonderCon is a wonderful convention taking place in Los Angeles every year. Movies, games, and comics all bring new announcements for their attendees. However, it would never be a real convention without some spectacular cosplay. Even though Metroid Prime 4 is not likely to come anytime soon, and the Metroid Prime Trilogy might, cosplayer Cosplamy has recently embodied Samus Aran in this incredible cosplay, arm cannon and helmet included to top it all off.


What makes Cosplamy different from most cosplayers is that she creates all her outfits with fuel beads when you iron and attach to EVA foam. The fuel beads create a different kind of aesthetic that makes the suit even more gorgeous, giving it the 16-bit graphics style as shown in Super Metroid. And let’s not ignore those awesome lighting effects.

This is not the only cosplay she has done like this. Outside of Metroid, Cosplamy has also made a fuel bead cosplay of Wonder Woman.


The amount of work required to make a cosplay like this must be staggering as the attention to detail is immaculate. It even has extra flair like the shine effect coming off the sword.

While it seems that Cosplamy is a more recent addition to the cosplay community having made so few outfits so far, she has definitely earned a following larger than what she currently has. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram. She also streams on Twitch to work on her cosplays, play games, and answer questions from followers.