MGS 3: Snake Eater for 3DS Has Release Date…Kinda

on September 20, 2010 2:00 PM

Looks like the 3DS is getting some cardboard box games for you next year. On stage at a Konami event at TGS 2010, Hideo Kojima announced a time slot for the release of his adventure into the 3D world. That time slot is 2011. That’s right. By next year, you, in a subway, with a 3DS, playing as Solid Snake, IN 3D.

We also have to remember that the 3DS will be absent an analog stick, so how the camera will be controlled remains to be seen. Maybe we can control it with our eyes! In all seriousness, this game will help bring some hardcore gamers to the more casual orientated gaming giant that is Nintendo.


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