Michael J. Fox Appearing In The Final Episode of Back To The Future, Massive Telltale Sale Coming Soon, And More

The man, the myth, the legend that is Michael J. Fox is finally starring in Telltale’s Back To The Future: The Game, but, surely due to not wanting to waste his talents, they’ve given him two roles, one of which is confirmed by Telltale to be one of Marty’s ancestors.

Telltale’s also getting up to their 7th anniversary, and to celebrate, from June 6th to June 30th, all of their games and merch (aside from Back to the Future and Puzzle Agent 2) will be available for a full 75% off. That’s a deal if I’ve ever seen one.

The full season of Back to the Future is now discounted by $5 to a price of $20, with the iPad version of the first episode being free. Hector: Episode 1 for iPad is also discounted to only $3, which, according to my review, makes it a must-play if you can handle that sort of humor.

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