Michael Jackson to Get MMO Treatment

on September 21, 2010 8:15 PM

Michael Jackson to Get MMO Treatment
It looks like Ubisoft isn’t the only company looking to make another Michael Jackson game. The late musician that captured the hearts of many already has many games under his belt, whether they’re made by development companies or fans, but now SEE Virtual Worlds is looking to add to the list with Planet Michael.

Planet Michael, which is being worked on for a late 2011 launch date will be a massively multiplayer in a virtual world. The game will essentially be a way for players to celebrate MJ’s life as an artist and humanitarian, with themes’s coming from his life, work and world concerns. The CEO of SEE Virtual Worlds, Martin Biallas has said about the game,

“We envisioned a magical, enjoyable place that will capture that zest for fun and life that was at Michael’s very core…Throughout his extensive career, the King of Pop was well-known for his visionary contributions to music, dance, fashion, entertainment and philanthropy, and it was critical that we somehow incorporate all of those elements into the game.”

All of this is to create a virtual social ring so people interested in the late King of Pop can do activities together and learn more about the tragic artist.

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