Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker Headed to the Wii

on November 9, 2009 11:40 AM

Old schoolers definitely remember Moonwalker from the 16-bit Sega Genesis – a game that focused on legendary pop-singer Michael Jackson defeating baddies with his enchanting dance moves and looking for little girls throughout the stages in order to advance… all while listening to the 16-bit remakes of his music (which is hilarious when I listen to it now).

You’ll experience one of the most atrocious games to hit the Sega Genesis, but for some, it might just be a┬ánostalgic moment. Hunting down little kids (take a whiff of the irony), kicking and throwing glitter to defeat your enemies, and entering a bewitching dance phase that not only entices your human adversaries, but animals as well – yep, animals; the animals stand up and dance to the rhythm of whatever Michael Jackson song decides to play depending on the stage. The game has all the elements that anti Michael Jackson love to point out.

Moonwalker will be hitting the Wii’s Virtual Console pretty soon, as per European rating system PEGI announced. If you haven’t watched the movie, you’re pretty much going to think a lot of funny things. Why are there dozens of little girls hiding around the stages? And are the “bad guys” really bad guys? Or are they really protecting them from the Jesus juice promoting MJ? You can always look at it two ways. Me? I’ll stick with my version of the player being a sexual predator stopping at nothing to find and capture these little girls.

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