Michael Myers Now a Playable Character in Dead by Daylight

Michael Myers Now a Playable Character in Dead by Daylight

Just in time for the holiday, Halloween’s Michael Myers and Laurie Strode are now playable characters in developer Behaviour Interactive’s multiplayer survival game, Dead by Daylight.

The downloadable content costs $6.99 and comes with the two characters who respectively assume the roles of killer and survivor, and also a new map called Haddonfield.

In Dead by Daylight, one player is the killer and has to hunt the four survivors who are trying to escape. Think of a Halloween version of Evolve.

Both new characters come with their own perks, which we’ve posted below.

Michael Myers:

  • Save the Best for Last: You become obsessed with one survivor. As long as your “obsession” is alive, you won’t have to wait as long as usual between your attacks.
  • Dying Light: If you succeed to kill or sacrifice the survivor you’re obsessed with, the other survivors get a penalty to their repair, healing and sabotage speed. However, your “obsession” receives a bonus to healing and rescuing actions. Only one obsession per match.
  • Play with your Food: If Michael taunts the survivor he is obsessed with, he will get faster. Every time you chase your “obsession” and let them escape, your movement speed is increased until your next attack. Only one obsession per match.

Laurie Strode:

  • Sole Survivor: As more of your friends fall to the Killer, your chances of survival increases due to an unexplained force. Each survivor killed or sacrificed disrupts the Killer’s aura reading ability. However, as each of the other survivor get killed or sacrifice, your chances to be the Killer’s Obsession will increase until you remain the sole survivor.
  • Decisive Strike: Using whatever is at hand, you stab at your aggressor in a last attempt to escape. You can only use this perk once per match. When grabbed by the Killer, you succeed a skill-check to automatically escape the Killer’s grasp and stun the Killer.
  • Object of Obsession: A supernatural bond links you to the killer. If you are the Killer’s obsession and looking in the Killer’s direction, your link will reveal your auras to each other. This effect applies only if you are outside the killer’s terror radius and within a maximum range. While it helps you to locate the killer’s position, it also increases your chances to be found by the Killer and become his Obsession.

The game is available for PC via Steam. Here’s the DLC’s announcement trailer from yesterday: