Micro Machines World Series Gets First Screenshots

Micro Machines World Series Gets First Screenshots

As you may remember, last month, developer Codemasters announced Micro Machines World Series, a new entry in its beloved miniature scale racing series, for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

According to Codemasters, Micro Machines World Series will retain the manic social game play of the classic series, but will have an added new dimension to the experience with HD visuals, as well as take you to the series’ “much-loved household environments as they’ve never been seen before.” You can read more about the game here.


At the time of its announcement, Codemasters only released a cinematic trailer for the game, which failed to really provide a meaningful look at what the game will actually look like it. But today, the developer has remedied that problem by releasing the game’s first screenshots, which showcase a bit of gameplay, a few of the different racing enviroments, and more.

Micro Machines is set to release sometime in April. Below, you can check out the new and first batch of screenshots: