Microsoft Aims to “Make the Best Games on Any Platform;” Japan Plays a “Critical Role” in Xbox’s Future

Microsoft Aims to “Make the Best Games on Any Platform;” Japan Plays a “Critical Role” in Xbox’s Future

While Microsoft skipped Tokyo Game Show this year, today the house of Xbox held its own press conference at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel in Tokyo.

One of the most interesting parts of the briefing was a “mission statement” speech by Microsoft Game Studios Corporate Vice President Kudo Tsunoda, who outlined the strategy of the company worldwide, with a special focus on Japan.

Since the conference wasn’t livestreamed, below you can find the most relevant points:

“On Behalf of everyone at team Xbox, it’s great to be here in Japan, the birthplace of console gaming, a region rich in gaming tradition.

Our partners and industry peers have paved the way for an exciting industry, not only in Japan, but globally. For that, on behalf of Microsoft, I would like to say thank you.

With the community of gamers as our motivation and inspiration, team Xbox’s mission is simple: to put gamers at the center of everything we do. To build the best platform and most reliable service for both gamers and developers, and to enable teams to push the boundaries of creativity, technical innovation and fun.

Today, I want to talk to you about our continued partnership with the gaming and creative community. All are here with a shared purpose: to let gmers play the games they want, with the people they want, on the devices they want. And at team Xbox it all starts with the games.

This Holiday, Xbox has the greatest lineup of console exclusive games in history. Exclusive blockbuster titles only available on Xbox One, and all available this year.

This lineup kicked off last month with the release of Rare Replay. Rare Replay represents thirty years of Rare gaming history. thirty hit games, hundreds of hours of gaming fun and gaming memories.

And on September 15th, we released Forza Motorsport 6, the premier racing game of this generation on any platform. Both Rare Replay and Forza Motorsport 6 show our commitment ti build quality games, with an average review score of 85 or above for both titles. But this is just the beginning.

Next month at the Halo event here in Japan, you’ll have the opportunity to experience Halo 5: Guardians. For the first time, the epic scale of Epics’ campaigns carries over to the multiplayer experience. And following Halo, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Fable Legends will be available globally this holiday exclusively on Xbox One.

We’re committed to delivering the best exclusive blockbuster titles on Xbox, and we’re delivering six exclusive titles, this Holiday, in Japan and across the rest of the world.

We remain committed to growing exclusive blockbuster franchises on both Xbox One and Windows.

In addition to delivering new exclusive titles, backwards compatibility will be available to everyone, free of charge this November, with over 100 games and hundreds more to come.”

Tsunoda moved on to talk about cross play between PC and Xbox One, mentioning that at Xbox they’re “very focused at giving players choices.” They want gamers “to be able to play with who you want, on the devices you want.”

After that, he talked about the milestones reached by Windows 10:

“And what an amazing time it is, to be playing and building games. With Windows 10 launching just two months ago, we already have more than 75 million devices running Windows 10, and more than 122 years of gameplay streamed from Xbox One to Windows 10 devices.

“oon Windows 10 will be the largest community of gamers in the world. And we have the opportunity to bring all these people together, around the games we want to build, and the stories we want to tell.

While this Holiday will bring games like our biggest franchises, we’re focused on delivering new games in 2016, that really push innovation, and bring this community of gamers together on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.

Rare is following up the very successful Rare Replay with Sea of Thieves, built on incredible multiplayer experiences, in a shared world where the relationships you have with other players are integral to the experience.”


In partnership with Remedy Games, we bring you Quantum Break, a cinematic story-telling action game with two different elements, the game and an in-game wide action show, fused together to form an entertainment experience that is more than the sum of its parts. Quantum Break releases here in Japan on April 7th.

After a Quantum Break trailer, Tsunoda moved the focus on Japan:

“We understand some of the most innovative developers and the most passionate gaming fans are here in Japan. We’re here in Tokyo today to make Japanese developers and gamers a core part of our worldwide strategy for Xbox going forward.

I’m extremely honored to get to work with two developers here in Japan, whose games I always love to play. A key creator we’re honored to partner here in Japan is Inafune-san. We’re very excited about his new game ReCore, exclusive for Xbox.”

After an explanation of ReCore’s story and a trailer, he finally moved on to Platinum Games and Scalebound.

“We’re also very excited about our partnership with PlatinumGames. Withe renowned game director Kamiya-san, were bringing you Scalebound, an action RPG where an alienated young man finds himself thrusted into a world of dragons and conflict.

The key to gameplay is the relationship with your dragon and working together with friends, to defeat epic scale enemies.”

After talking briefly about Project Knoxville, Tsunoda ended his speech with a comment on the importance of Japan for Microsoft.

“With gamers as our motivation and inspiration, team Xbox strives to deliver on pour vision for gaming. The games you wanna play, with the people you wanna play with, on the devices you want to play on.

We’re committed to working with developers, publishers, and you the gamers, to make the best games on any platform. We want to bring the largest community of gamers together across Xbox and Windows 10 PC, to create shared gaming memories, and experiences that will touch people’s life.

We continue to look for more of the best game developers and partners here in Japan, to innovate with us worldwide, across Xbox One and Windows 10.

It has been my privilege to share with you how Japan plays a critical role not only today, but in the future of Xbox. I hope you’re as excited abouyt the future as I am. I’m looking forward to our fanfest on Saturday, and getting to play some of our best Xbox games with the Japanese fans.”

It’s hard to deny that Xbox’s line up for the Holidays is extremely strong. It’ll be interesting to see how the market will respond, but Microsoft definitely seems confident.