Microsoft Announces Holographic Headset: Hololens

Microsoft Announces Holographic Headset: Hololens

During the Windows 10 keynote, Microsoft announced a new augmented reality holographic headset named Microsoft Hololens, which will allow us to display holograms in the real world around us, even if of course they’ll just be visible in the headset itself.

Of course the Hololens headset, which has a see-through lens in front of your eyes, is fully compatible with games, and Minecraft was used as an example of that.

According to Microsoft’s Alex Kipman, Hololens includes a special holographic chip and will work wireless and independently from other hardware. It will be able to render high fidelity holograms in real time, and it definitely looks quite impressive.

Hololens will be available during the Windows 10 cycle, even if no precise release windows was announced. You can check out a couple of trailers below.

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