Microsoft Announces Xbox App for Windows 10, Cross-Platform MP and Xbox Streaming on PC

Microsoft Announces Xbox App for Windows 10, Cross-Platform MP and Xbox Streaming on PC

During the Windows 10 keynote Microsoft announced the Xbox App for Windows 10, which will basically bring the Xbox One social experience and more to the new operating System.

The app will include the following features, which will be pretty familiar to Xbox One users.

  • My Games
  • My Friends List
  • Messages (across all  Wiondows 10 devices and the web)
  • Activity feed

The app will of course display our avatar or gamer picture, our gamerscore and nickname, and will have an activity feed pretty much like the one we have on Xbox One.

The My Games feature will let us launch our favorite PC games and will also include the Game DVR feature directly on Windows, which will be activated to record gameplay with Windows+G.

The Game DVR feature (which will also work seamlessly with games launched on other platforms like Steam) will also let you capture the last 30 seconds of gameplay and share the clip on Xbox Live or on any other social network.

Of course achievements will also be part of the app, and more importantly, cross platform multiplayer will finally be allowed between Xbox One and Windows 10, with Fable Legends used as a showcase example.

You’ll even be able to stream Xbox One games to Windows 10 later this year. This will let you play every Xbox One game you own directly on any Windows 10 device. Of course you will need an Xbox one to stream from, as the app won’t work independently.

DirectX 12 was also featured, allowing developers to squeeze more power from the hardware, and increasing performance of CPU-bound games on PC by up to 50%.

That’s not all, as Spencer also announced that Windows 10 features will also come to Xbox One, and that Microsoft can’t wait to let us know more about that.

You can check out a trailer below: