Microsoft Breaks Down Killer Instinct’s “Free to Play” Model

Microsoft Breaks Down Killer Instinct’s “Free to Play” Model

The newly revealed Xbox One exclusive fighter Killer Instinct will follow an interesting free to play model. Players will be able to download the game free of charge, although it will only include one playable character: Jago, one of the three characters currently confirmed to appear in the game. Every other fighter will be sold as premium DLC, meaning that – unless of course you’re happy playing only as Jago – you’ll have to break out your wallet for any and all other playable characters.

Microsoft’s Torin Rettig has disclosed that this model was inspired by the way fighting games are played today. Because new fighting games can include as many as 50 characters – and especially because players typically only use a select few of those characters – the model was designed to let fans pay “as much or as little as you want”. This way you can buy the characters you want and only the characters you want.


Furthermore, a season pass will be available for all of the game’s character DLC, but there’s no revealed price point for this pass. For some reason, I think it’ll be a lot more than $20 or $30. Rettig also expressed that they plan to release new DLC characters at a steady pace and for as long as players are interested in them. I’m not personally excited about this new “free to play” format and I see it causing some amount of problems on the competitive fighting game front, but I suppose I don’t have a huge problem with it.

Killer Instinct will be an Xbox One launch title.