Microsoft Calls PS Home a Glorified Chat Room

Microsoft Calls PS Home a Glorified Chat Room


Since 2008, socially inclined gamers have been able to turn on their PS3s and jump into a virtual world where they can play games, interact with and meet friends and decorate their avatars and houses. Microsoft says it has no plans to bring such a feature to Xbox Live, explains UK boss Stephen McGill:

“That’s not something that we’re looking at, I’m not sure what their (Sony’s) learnings are from the Home experience, it’s a nice chat room I guess, not an awful lot more.”

UK general manager Neil Thompson supported this, saying:

“I think that the honest answer is that, online we’re following our own agenda. It’s been pretty successful for us over the last four or five years. I think we’re focusing on what we think we can drive and that’s where our energies are going to go.”

Personally, I’ve yet to make use of the PS Home service, but it’s nice to have the option I think. I can imagine that many Xbox fans would like to have a similar service…or then again, maybe they wouldn’t. What do you guys think?