Microsoft Claims “Improved Competitive Position” With Xbox One; Looks Forward to Holiday Season

Microsoft Claims “Improved Competitive Position” With Xbox One; Looks Forward to Holiday Season

During the financial earnings call for the quarter between July and September currently being broadcasted by Microsoft, CEO Satya Nadella expressed satisfaction for the growth of the Xbox Ecosystem and the acquisition of Mojang:

Gaming is an important category that will drive additive business value for Microsoft. It is the single biggest digital life category measured in both time and money spent across devices of all types. We launched Xbox One in 28 markets, increased console unit sales from a year ago and grew users of Xbox Live apps by more than 20%.

The acquisition of Mojang, which we expect to close in November, extends our ecosystem and community across multiple platforms. Minecraft adds to our already strong portfolio of first party games and content such as Halo and will strengthen our gaming experiences on PCs and consoles as well as cross platform monetization.

In addition to that, CFO Amy Hood also gave more color in the performance of the gaming business and on the company’s expectation from the holiday season:

Within Gaming our results reflect a growing console market, our improved competitive position with the new Xbox One SKU and the launch of Xbox One into new countries, including the initial channel fill for the new launch in China at the end of Q1.

As we head into the holiday season we’re looking forward to the differentiating content that will be available for the Xbox platform, including Sunset Overdrive, which launches in Late October, and Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which launches in Early November. In hardware, the focus of the quarter was on positioning the business for the future.

It’ll be interesting to see if the upcoming exclusive releases will solidify the competitive position of the Xbox One towards the end of the year and in the beginning of 2015. Microsoft definitely seems confident.