Microsoft CMO Explains Company “Totally Underestimated” Demand for Xbox One Elite Controller

Microsoft CMO Explains Company “Totally Underestimated” Demand for Xbox One Elite Controller

The Xbox One Elite Controller has been a hot-ticket item since its release in October of this year, and that information seems to have even surprised Microsoft as the company’s CMO explained that the company underestimated the high demand for the premium controller.

During an episode of This Week In Tech‘s Windows Weekly podcast, Microsoft CMO Chris Capossela talked briefly about the Xbox One Elite Controller and explaining that the company “totally underestimated” the demand for the controller, which serves as a more high-end controller option with removable parts and fully customizable settings.

In the podcast, Capossela explained that the lower supplies of the controller to stores initially came as a result of the controller’s reception at E3 this year that, while positive, expressed that some thought the price for the controller may be too high. Capossela detailed:

“Here’s the product we totally underestimated. If I could have built 10 times the number I built, I would have. We got that feedback at E3 that it was awesome, but maybe the price was a little too high, and so that influenced how many we produced.”

Despite the initial feedback about the controller’s high price, since its release in October the Elite Controller has been selling out at every major retailer instantly, such as Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and more. Capossela explained further:

“On the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving, myself and Kevin Turner our COO, and the guy who runs our stores, David Porter, we go around and visit 30 or 40 different stores.”

“Best Buy and GameStop and AT&T and Verizon and Microsoft Stores, just to see how things look, and the one thing we heard from everybody was, ‘You needed to make way more of these controllers.'”

While Microsoft hasn’t specifically addressed plans to produce more shipments of the Elite Controller, hopefully the high demand from gamers will insist that more controllers be produced in the near future.