Microsoft Details How Those Not Attending E3 Can Have the Xbox Experience During the Expo

Microsoft Details How Those Not Attending E3 Can Have the Xbox Experience During the Expo

If you live in Los Angeles but aren’t a member of the gaming press then you may believe that the Xbox E3 Experience is something you can’t have. You, my friend, would be wrong about that. Microsoft is planning several events in the city of angels that will bring E3 to the masses… and even a select few into the Galen center itself. In addition, they will also be streaming several events as well for those who live outside of L.A.

On Sunday, June 8 (1 to 3pm, with lines starting at 11am) there will be a pre-e3 event held at the Century City Microsoft Store. 100 people who attend this event will have a chance to go to the Xbox E3 Media Briefing. Those who win through a raffle will be given access to the event and to the Xbox: E3 Briefing Post Show. While at the store, people will be given a sneak peak as to what Microsoft will have on the E3 show floor. More specifics on that will come next week.

Later that week at the Century City Microsoft Store, there will be another event which will be hosted by Major Nelson. This event happens on June 11th from 6 to 9pm and will focus on Sunset Overdrive. Attendees will have a chance to go hands on with the game and to meet the Insomiac team, Major Nelson. They’ll also get to try out Sunset Overdrive‘s drink called¬†Overcharge Delirium XT.

For those who live outside of Los Angeles there will be several streamed events. Directly before Xbox’s E3 Media Briefing, there will be a “green carpet” event which will be shown on and Xbox Live. Gamers will get to see sneak peaks as well as interviews with Microsoft’s development partners and celebrity fans as they make their way into the Galen Center.

After the media briefing, people can head over to Xbox’s TwitchTV channel to see a live post-show event. The folks who were present on stage will field questions from Twitter and from audience members in attendance.¬†Guests will include Phil Spencer (Head of Xbox), Chris Charla (ID@Xbox), Yusuf Mehdi (Microsoft Devices & Studios), Ted Price (Insomniac Games), and Bonnie Ross (343 Industries). There will be details on how to submit questions for the post show soon.

Also on Twitch, during the entire week that the expo is open, Microsoft will be broadcasting live gameplay from the show floor. Each day will focus on two ID@Xbox titles with interviews with the developers of the respective games. Microsoft will also be showing off many of their other games on Twitch’s main channel. The full broadcasting schedule will be posted when E3 begins.

It looks like Microsoft is doing a lot of things during E3 but messing around is not one of them.