Microsoft Adding Support for Discord Connectivity Across Xbox One and PC

Microsoft Adding Support for Discord Connectivity Across Xbox One and PC

Xbox One and PC gamers are coming together a bit closer with newly-added support for Discord connectivity across both platforms.

In the past few years, Discord has become an integral app for gamers all over the world to hop into games and communicate with one another easily, and now Xbox One and PC owners will be bridging the gap even more thanks to the popular app.

Microsoft has announced today that it is partnering with Discord to provide support for the app between Xbox One and PC. Specifically, users will be able to link a Discord account to their Xbox Live account, allowing users across console and PC to see what others are playing or hop into games together.

The feature itself will roll out “in the coming weeks” to all users, and will be available to members of the Xbox Insider program “soon,” according to Microsoft. As explained in Microsoft’s announcement for the feature, all you have to do is link your Xbox Live account with your Discord profile on Xbox One, similarly to how it works with other social media apps like Facebook and Twitter. Likewise, for PC users, you can add your Xbox Live account under the “Connections” section of Discord’s settings from either the desktop app or browser version.

While it doesn’t seem like there will be any communication functionality from Discord crossing over onto Xbox One, the new integration and support at least provides a neat way of bridging the gap between consoles and PC through one of the (currently) most popular gaming communication apps out now.