Insta-Forum: What Did You Think of Microsoft and EA’s Gamescom Press Conferences?

Insta-Forum: What Did You Think of Microsoft and EA’s Gamescom Press Conferences?

Both Xbox and Microsoft's Gamescom 2017 Press Conferences are over, but what do you think of the announcements? Sound off in the comments!

Gamescom is a growing brand, with many critics, developers and fans guessing that it will soon overtake E3 for the leading game conference in the world. Now, that notoriety hasn’t been established yet, but that isn’t to say there aren’t some pretty great press conferences being shown off at Gamescom 2017: notably Xbox and EA’s 2017 Gamescom Press Conferences.

Microsoft’s was the kick off to Gamescom, with the headlining news being the opening of pre-orders to the Xbox One X — as well as the unveiling of the limited Project Scorpio Edition. Crazy enough, it wasn’t the only piece of hardware shown — a Minecraft-themed Xbox One S also was revealed, in all of its blocky greatness.

But hardware wasn’t the only news that permeated the show — a (multiplatform) build-your-own Jurassic Park game by Frontier Developments, Jurassic World Evolution, was a terrific highlight. Also breakout news, multiplayer wonder PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds will be published by Microsoft for console versions.  Along with that, Recore: Definitive Edition was (finally) unveiled. Along with that, we saw a handful of new trailers for previously revealed games.

Meanwhile, Electronic Arts went out of the gate showing some fantastic Star Wars Battlefront II gameplay footage — something that wowed all of us watching the stream. After revealing a car for Need for Speed Payback, as well as the coolest game-playing Sims dog in existence, we were told that beautiful indie game Fe will be coming to Nintendo Switch, as well as PC, PS4 and Xbox One in Early 2018.

As always, we want to hear from you!

What do you think of both Microsoft and Electronic Arts’ press conferences? Are you planning on grabbing the Minecraft-stylized Xbox One S, or perhaps that sleek Project Scorpio 4K machine? Or are you going to be saving up for that spiffy new Need for Speed-revealed BMW M5?

Which game shown caught your eyes the most? Are you looking forward to subjecting poor saps to dinosaur mayhem in Jurassic Park Evolution? Or, perhaps, explore the depths of space in Star Wars Battlefield II?

Which conference did you think was better — and which news story sold you the most? And who is the better indie creation — Fe or Yarny?

Let us know your answers to these questions by sounding off in the comments! As always, we will be sticking around and giving our two cents.